Reflections from Sertoma Park (The last lap?)

Whenever I visit my parents, dad and I will usually take a few laps at Sertoma Park, a little city park located near my parent’s home.  

My 86 year-old Dad doesn’t talk much anymore.  Mostly it’s the quiet, comfortable, and reflective walk of two men bound together by love, blood, and history.

But, being a retired minister, invariably one of the few things dad will ask me about is the General Assembly (our denomination’s bi-annual convention). 

For all my life, the General Assembly was a part of the rhythm of our lives together.  And it was a big deal when I was able to actually participate with my dad at the General Assembly. Some of our most precious memories are anchored in that bi-annual pilgrimage.

Recently I was privileged to take another walk with my dad at Sertoma Park.  Sure enough he asked me about the General Assembly. 

As we walked along it occurred to me that the last time we attended the General Assembly together we didn’t know it was the last time.  Then it occurred to me that one day dad and I would take our last lap around Sertoma Park together as well…and we’d probably not know it was the last lap until after the fact.

The ONE THING for today: There is a last time for everything.  Best to live as if each time is the last time.  It would almost surely make us better people and it would almost surely leave us with fewer regrets.

Photo by Shaojie on Unsplash

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