Don’t run past the past.

Hang with me for just a sec. I know, it’s a holiday and you don’t want a sermon.

But let me remind you of what Memorial Day is really about.

Of course, you and I both know it is not about having a fun long weekend.

But it is also not about the many brave men and women who are currently serving in our military, through they indeed should have our every-day gratitude and support.

Moreover, Memorial Day is not another version of July 4th where we celebrate our great country.

Memorial Day is actually about one thing and one thing only: Remembering and honoring the men and women who died while actively serving in our military.

Don’t lose sight of that.

And don’t lose sight of the larger principle taught through this.

Thank God for the many people who are getting the job done today. Hallelujah for the hope and potential for a better future. But don’t forget the ones who actually got the job done in order to make today possible.

The past shouldn’t be allowed to become a prison that keeps us from moving forward into a better tomorrow. But it also must not be forgotten.

The sacred bones and precious blood of our fallen heroes cry to us today and ask, “Did we die in vain?”

The way we answer that question will determine the kind of future we one day hand off to our children and our children’s children.

The ONE THING for today: I tip my hat to all the dedicated people out there who are working hard to build a better future, but I bend a knee in honor of those who got it done by giving their lives.

There’s a time to look back before moving forward.
Photo by Metin Ozer on Unsplash

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