Friendship and your future

Being causal and careless about choosing your friends can be just as dangerous as practicing causal sex.

Hanging out with the wrong friends is like putting a beautiful ring in a bucket of rusty nails.  It doesn’t nothing to change the nails but it diminished the beauty of the ring.    

Take an honest look at your friends.

Are they going somewhere with their lives? 

Take a measure of the trajectory of their lives.  Is there a long runway of growth, progress, and amazing success in front of them?

Are they excited about life, positive, and growth-orientated? 

If so, then your chances of improving your life are greatly increased. 

If not, like throwing a firebrand into a snowbank, no matter how much fire and passion you have to make something out of your life, the wrong friends will eventually smother that passion and drive and bury you in a cold snowbank of comfort, familiarity, and mediocrity. 

The ONE THING for today: Remember, there’s a world of difference between choosing to be friendly and choosing your friends.  If possible, be very friendly to everyone, but also be very careful in choosing your friends for they will have a lot to do with how far you go in life and where you go after this life.    

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