A walk down memory lane

Please forgive me for pushing my family on you, but I ran across this picture in a blog I wrote about church attendance back in 2012.

In the picture is my son (Lee) and three of my grandchildren: (r-l) his niece Trinity, and his daughter Ella and son, David Lee. They had just left church and were meeting us at our home for Sunday lunch.

Four reasons to go to church

It’s hard to believe that that was eight years ago. They grow up fast; take them to church while you can.

The ONE THING for today: If you’re looking to collect memories, there are a lot of good options for places to go. If you’re looking to create eternity, there are few options better than church to take those you want to spend eternity with.

Check out my 2012 blog: “Make this decision only once.” https://pastorkemp.com/2012/04/28/the-one-thing-for-today-5/

The blog is dedicated especially to the dedicated and amazing Youth/Children Pastors, Sunday School teachers, nursery workers, and so many other volunteers at the fmcog who loved, nurtured, and ministered to my family and to the countless youth and children’s ministers and volunteers around the world who faithfully serve…and to the parents and grandparents who see to it that their family is in church.

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