Only make this decision once…

There are some decisions that only need to be made once.  After the decision is made the bridge must be burned and there must be no looking back.  For example, after someone has had a heart attack their doctor will tell them that a lifestyle change is absolutely necessary if they hope to live very long.  This is not debatable or voted on; it is an immutable fact of life.

Another example will be the first time a child jumps off a high wall pretending he is Spiderman and plummets to the ground, maybe breaking an arm.  A wise parent will patiently explain the law of gravity to that child and tell him, “Never again must you jump from high places.”  This is a decision that only needs to be made one time.

I could go on with many more decisions that only need to be made once but let me remind you of one more today; it is the ONE THING for today: Decide today that you will go to church every Sunday for the rest of your life. 

Four reasons to go to church.

For many, whether or not to go to church of do something else is a weekly wrestling match.

As important and vital as it is, going to church on Sunday is negotiable in so many people’s lives who claim Jesus is Lord of their lives. 

I can’t tell you the times that I’ve had people come up to me and exclaim that they had almost decided to not come to church today but were ever so glad they did because they had been deeply blessed.  I wonder to myself, why would church attendance be a weekly decision?

My dear friend, if you have not intentionally made this decision, make it today – once.  Decide that as for you and your house, you are going to serve the Lord and that one of the ways you serve Him is that you go to His house and gather with your spiritual family at least once a week.  Rain or shine, hot or cold, sore back or not – you go to church.

Oh I admit that there may be the occasional Sunday when something more important than church attendance may occur – like severe sickness that requires bed rest or death or the rapture (I sure hope you’re not in church the Sunday after the rapture!)

However, for the most part, church attendance should be, nay, must be one of the inviolable disciplines and joys of your life as long as you are physically able.

Make this decision ONE time and then live with your decision for the rest of your life.  In the long run you’ll be so glad you did.


LORD, I love the house where You dwell, the place where Your glory resides.

(Psalm 26:8)

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