Who are the great ones?

Who are the great people in your life?

Not just people you respect, honor, and love.

Not just people who can teach you important things about life.

Not just people who inspire you.

Not just well-known and popular people.

Not just people you like.

No, I’m talking about the great ones – those few, rare, individuals that you actually know are great.

People who are in a class all by themselves. People who model best practices. People who, if you looked up the definition of true success in the dictionary, their picture really ought to be there.

Treasure those relationships. Seek them, invest in them, do not let them slip away, for they do not last forever.

This blog is dedicated to Joel Hobbs, 1931-2020

The ONE THING for today: We all need benchmarks to guide our lives by. If you want to live a great life, insist on using great benchmarks.

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