The ONE THING for today

Rule #7, one of my most important rules

I’ve had so many trainwrecks with first impressions, long-range planning and the like that I finally had to make a rule about it.

Turns out it has become one of my most important and cherished rules. It is: I shall not make a decision until I absolutely have too.

Rule #7: I shall not make a decision until I absolutely have too.

Over the years, since I’ve added this rule, my life has been so much more simplier. Turns out…

  • Most things take care of themselves, it’s amazing!
  • Moreover, I’ve learned that if I will just wait a bit, what seems so important now is really not all that important later.
  • Also, things change, new information comes to light, I change, others change, and thus, early decisions make me blind and deaf to new evidence that could have helped me make a better decision.
  • And finally, if I don’t make a decision, most of the time someone else will. Why not let them? Unless it is a decision that only I can and should make, I’m perfectly happy with letting others make the decision. Afterall, I don’t have to have my way about everything. I live and work with talented and reasonable people. I’ll trust their judgment and save my efforts for only those decisions that I absolutely must make. It sure simplifies life.

The ONE THING for today: Rule #7, Refrain from making a decision until you absolutely have to.

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