Why do you feel that way?

An excellent question to ask yourself regularly is, “Why do I feel this way?”

There may be no good reason. It could be just the three-day old pizza you ate for breakfast. It could be because you don’t like their haircut (or yours!), or it may be because your favorite team lost a close game last night and to make matters worse you stayed up to watch the debacle. (You’d kick yourself if you could stay awake long enough to do it.)

But…there could be a very good reason you are feeling the way you feel; it would be wise to know that reason.

Another good question is to slow down long enough to ask, “How do I feel?”

Living numb leads quickly to living dumb. Taking a moment to do a “feelings depth test” is a great way to keep yourself from being shipwrecked.

Bottom line, while we must not allow our feelings to rule us, it is wise to let our feelings guide us; they are telling us something, and often it is important.

The ONE THING for today: Feelings are more than an emoji; they’re real and they’re telling you something. Don’t let them get the last word, but do give them a chance to speak.

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