Five years ago

Do you know what you were doing five years ago today?

Do you know how you were feeling five years ago today?

If you don’t, why not?

Why live if you’re not going to remember?

How are you going to track your progress (or lack there of) if you don’t remember?

How are you going to savor the delightful and precious memories and conversations you had with people you say you love, if you don’t remember?

How are you going to keep from making the same mistakes if you don’t remember?

How are you going to benefit from the lessons you’ve learned if you don’t remember?

How are you going to remember? By being a faithful journaler.

If your life is not worth writing about, why not?

Why five years?

I took a lesson from the Stock Market. There’s never been a time when the Market crashed that in five or less years it had not regained all its losses and moved into higher terrority.

The investment of your time (which is how you measure your life) is no different. Five years is enough time to smooth out the tough spots, and allow the precious memories and valuable lessons to come to the surface.

The ONE THING for today: Be a faithful journaler and track your life–five years at a time. There’s a lot you can learn and treasure from the discipline.

Indulge a “Papa.” The video below is of my granddaughter, Annie. Today is her birthday. This is she and me giving a little performance for Nana.,,five years ago.

3 thoughts on “Five years ago

  1. Well, I sure remember what I was doing when that beautiful girl was born. I was lying in the hospital beginning my season of Illness and brokenness…praise God that 8 years later I am well, active, and healed!!!

    I would have never imagined that I’d have my credentials 8 years later. God called me in the pain. Just like what you’re saying here…I can track it!
    Love this blog and your sweet video! ❤️


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