A dream releaser

There is a difference between delegating and releasing.  When you delegate you are getting others involved, but the underlying objective is still about you—your goals, tasks, and vision. 

The win/win here is that others are getting involved and can learn at your expense and together you and your team can get more done on your objectives and mission. 

However, let’s be clear, it is still about you.  You are at the center of things, and for good or bad, you will get the credit (or blame) for the results.

“Releasing” is different. 

Releasing is about giving away power, privilege, and responsibility.  It is about helping others begin their own journey.  It is about helping them find their vision and passion in life and making their dreams come true.

It’s about serving others by doing what is in their best interest.

Unfortunately, most leaders are to insecure to do this; they settle for delegating and think that is enough. 

But it will never be enough for the great leaders.

The ONE THING for today: As scary as it is, when you are committed to helping other people achieve what they want to achieve in life, you end up achieving what you want in life. 

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