I like “real” soap

Right up front, let me be clear, this blog makes no claim to being important, wise, or even worth reading. It’s just that I’ve noticed people don’t use soap anymore.

I’m talking about real soap.

Not the liquid, gelly-smelly stuff that kills germs and is made of man-made chemicals that you have to pump into your hands (How can that be good for you?) with weird names like: Mango Mandarin and White Tea & Ginger, or Hibiscus Guava Fresca. Really!?

Now I get the gelly-smelly stuff at a truck stop or restaurant. “Communal soap” is not good. Through I did wonder, as I was washing my hands at a truck stop the other day, who the marketing genius was who said, “I know, let’s make pink liquid soap that looks like Pepto-Bismol!”

But at home, among those you love and care for. There’s something wholesome about coming home after a hard day’s work and washing the labor and stress off with real soap.

Closely aligned to real soap is real dirt–good honest God-made dirt. How long has it been since you’ve had some real dirt under your fingernails? Your kids need this, you need this…but that’s a story for another day.

What to do?

Start with Ivory soap (It floats! Oh, the simple pleasures of life).

Drop a bar of Ivory soap in the tub with your three-year-old and they will be satisfied for at least an hour. Even if they don’t actually use the soap, they’ll get clean from just playing with it for an hour. (While you have an hour to relax. Talk about a win/win!)

Oh, and one more thing. Is it just me, or can we agree that profanity is getting out of hand. It amazes me the words that come out of people’s mouths these days, anywhere and anytime.

But I know why, people don’t use real soap anymore.

When I was a boy, (speaking from personal experience), when a mom heard or heard about their child using cuss words they immediately washed their child’s mouth out with, you guessed it, soap–Ivory soap to be specific. Talk about putting the brakes on cussing! All it takes is once for most kids.

But sadly, mom’s no longer have that tool. How would it be for a mom to say to Junior, “You go goggle your mouth out with that Agave Papaya Sunset liquid soap this minute!”

But then, moms cuss now days. I guess it makes sense, they’re the ones, poor gals, who were convinced by those gelly-smelly folk to stop buying real soap.

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