Stop over in Indianapolis

Sonja, Zelda and I are in Indianapolis this morning and will soon be heading out on the last leg of our journey to Rock Hill, SC.

Traveling long miles gives you time to think and yesterday as I was driving through beautiful Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and finally Indiana I was reminded of a question I ask myself regularly: “Am I living a directed life or a driven life?”

If you’ve ever driven the “Road to the Sun” at Glacier National Park in Montana, you know that it is far different than the road that takes you to your local grocery store. 

Papa’s can pick up the difference immediately between a drawing by his grandchild and a scribbled note from his wife.

I am speaking from experience.  One is a work of art, the other is a “to-do” list.  They are both important, but very different.

But anyway, you get the point.

But the sad fact is we do miss the point.  It is so easy to become so driven that we miss much of the journey of life. 

The ONE THING for today: When you live a driven life, you cover a lot of ground, but you sure miss a lot of the journey.   For example…

Sonja and I stopped to enjoy the journey yesterday in Black River Falls, WI at a little “hippy” coffee shop named Gathering Grounds. Nice people and good hot coffee for a snowy day!

Living a driven life is buying truck stop coffee on the run; living a directed life is taking a few extra moments to find a “hippy” coffee shop.

3 thoughts on “Stop over in Indianapolis

  1. I have so loved your journaling about your travels to Rock Hill and the experiences you and Sonja and Zelda have shared. Brad and I share with you the purposeful valuing each moment and experience as we journey by air, rail or road. Thank you so much for your insight and sharing it with us. Claudia

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