Contentment is not complacency or being void of ambition and drive.  Matter of fact, contentment can be found in the most vigilant, passionate, and engaged person you know. 

Contentment can be found in someone who is in the heat of a battle for their very survival and contentment can be found in someone leaning against a pier post taking a nap while dangling a fish line in the sea.

What is contentment?

It is being at peace with yourself no matter your situation.  It is being fully engaged in the moment while planning for a better tomorrow.

Contentment is being thankful for what you have while working towards something even better.

Bottom line, contentment is the by-product of a healthy soul which is why someone battling insecurity, greed, and envy can never experience it.

The ONE THING for today: The good news is that contentment can be learned and the more you learn it the healthier you become.

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