If Elvis comes knocking…

First it was “low-fat,” or “reduced-fat,” or “no-fat” that was celebrated. 

Remember that?

All you had to do was put “reduced/low” fat” or (hallelujah!) “no fat” on the package and whatever you were selling would leap off the shelf…and onto our hips.  They failed to mention that all those low-fat products were loaded with sugar.

So naturally we went through the reduced/no sugar phase until we figured out that the sugar substitutes gave you (how can I say this delicately?) a swift kick in the gut or, worse, ate your brain cells. 

So naturally we moved on to “all-natural.”

How could that be bad for you?

But there are a lot of “natural” things that should give you pause.

For example, a “cow pie” is just as natural as a filet mignon, but I sure do not want to go chomping down on one!

Here’s the deal.  Beware of over simplifying the “right” way or the “best” way for anything.

What is in vogue today may be obsolete tomorrow. 

Picture this: It’s Halloween night and guess who shows up at your door?  Answer: Elvis!

There was a time that Elvis Presley was the gold standard for what was “cool.”  But that was 60 years ago.  Now, doing “Elvis” is simply another Halloween costume and most kids wouldn’t even know who he was.

The ONE THING for today: Whether it’s technology, clothing styles, your food choices or the “right” way to worship or do business…or whatever, beware of anointing some method or style and making that the gold standard forever. People who do that are eventually only right once a year…on Halloween and that’s hardly laughable. 

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