Creating something vs. just doing something

Don’t forget to create something every day! 

You may have to cook a meal, but you can also create a memory with that meal.

You may have to perform a task, but while you’re doing your chores you can also create an atmosphere that inspires and motivates others.

A mindless doodle can easily be turned into a lasting love letter.

Add a “thank you” into an ordinary conversation and it could be remembered a lifetime.

Drape an old blanket over a couple chairs and crawl under it with your five-year old and you can create a whole new universe of exciting adventures.

Bottom line…

The ONE THING for today: Never underestimate your power to create in any and all circumstances.  It is the image of God in you and it is sacred.  Use that ability wisely and use it often.  It can turn a lump of clay into a masterpiece.

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