Am I making a difference?

Recently I asked a friend what his greatest need was. He responded, “To feel like I am accomplishing something.”

Boy, been there, done that! Have you?

Yesterday I read this quote from Harold Myra & Marshall Shelley’s book: The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham:

“Sometimes bringing hope to a dispirited group is the most important thing a leader can do.”

My word of advice for my friend and for you today is to not be blinded by the headlines and the extraordinary.

Most of life is lived in the ordinary and while the ordinary doesn’t sell, it sure does save.

For example, when we think of Moses we think of crossing the Red Sea, Mt. Sinai and the Ten Commandments along with thunder and lightening and speaking with God. We think of him striking the rock and water coming out…you know…the extraordinary.

But in reality, most of Moses’ days were spent plodding along in the wilderness as a shepherd of sheep and later of people. It was just ordinary, everyday living and giving the people hope that someway and someday they would make it through their wilderness.

The ONE THING for today: Truth be known, most of life is lived somewhere between hope and despair. When you give people hope you give them a fighting chance, and that’s no minor accomplishment.

Lamentations 3:21-23

One thought on “Am I making a difference?

  1. Perfect for me!!! I struggle with the same need! I often fight feelings that I am of little use. Thank you for this encouraging ONE THING for today. Blessings, Claudia

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