Your phone is ringing!

If you are a minister, you have to answer your phone!

Presently, it is very common for people to not answer their phones and then to also not have the voicemail activated or for their voicemail to be full so that a caller cannot leave a message.

That’s okay if you don’t matter. 

But minister of God, you matter. 

And if you matter to someone (whether you are a minister or not) there will be occasions that that “someone” will need to hear your voice or they will need you to hear their voice.

Also, not answering your phone or not checking your messages so that your voicemail is full communicates to others that, as far as you are concerned, they do not matter.

I know, most people text their messages.  But a good shepherd leaves the ninety and nine and goes after the one (who does not text) because that one matters.

The ONE THING for today: If you matter to anyone or if anyone matters to you…then answer you phone, check your messages and return your calls.  It’s called caring enough to be available. 

What about limits?  A wise leader will certainly set up limits to protect time for prayer, study, administration, and personal/family time.  But they will also set up times to check their messages and return their calls.  Why?  Because they matter and the people they serve matter.

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