You are great!

Try, just for the sake of trying, to think in terms of you (yes, you) being great.

Now there are a few people I know who have no trouble with this, but most people are far too modest to think in terms of them being great.

But you are, or at least could be, great…at something. 

Maybe it is something different every day. 

You could dare to do one thing great.  It could be a tiny thing, maybe some chore or task, something that no one else will notice…but if they did, they’d have to admit, “Now that was great!” 

And string together enough of those tiny things done great and…bam…you achieve greatness!

Maybe it is some God-given ability or talent that you could truly be great at but you’ve allowed busyness, or what someone might say (or has said), or just plain laziness to cause you to neglect your potential greatness. 

Time to step up my friend and get back in the game.

Why not? 

Why can’t you be great?

Or better yet, why won’t you be great?

“Greatness” does not have to be about fame and notoriety or winning at the expense of others. 

Greatness can be about giving your best effort for the glory of God.  Greatness can be about signing your work with honor and self-respect because you did your best. 

For sure, greatness is about living life to fullest, and you can do that. 

The ONE THING for today: You can be great at something for someone…if you dare.  Why not take my dare today? I dare you…

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