Today could be different

The way to see things grow, improve and get better is to do something different.

Grit, determination, and working harder are good, but they will not improve a thing unless you do something different.

Because you demonstrate tenacity and persistence will not matter if you do not do something different.

You don’t have to blow people out of the water, make little changes.

Mix things up (predictability is the pathway to boredom)

Improve a relationship (apologize, ask their opinion, make an investment with a call or card, say thank you for something specific, offer a complement)

Add a new relationship (you are always one relationship away from the next level)

Read a new book (preferably one out of your comfort zone that is recommended by someone you highly respect)

Preach shorter by taking out a point or two (people don’t need more information, they need to learn how to do one thing better at a time)

Clean up the place

Add a new coat of paint

Rearrange a piece of furniture              

Change how you dress

Try a new recipe

Send your resume to a new and better employer

Stop eating sweets (or bread, or hamburgers or whatever is killing you) once a week and add a day a week until you can go without six out of seven days)

Walk 5 minutes a day and add a minute a week

Turn your phone off 5 minutes a day and add a minute a week until you can go half a day without looking at your phone

Start investing a little money somewhere (I know, you can’t afford it…but I bet you could afford to miss a meal once a week…invest the cost of that meal)

The list is almost endless and so are the potential improvements

The ONE THING for today: Nothing improves without a change being made; a small change often makes a big improvement. 

4 thoughts on “Today could be different

  1. Hi Pastor K, I love the practicality of this post! I have a “side business” and in addition to posting business-related items on my private Facebook group, I like to post inspirational items. May I post this – giving credit to you, of course – or an abbreviated version?
    Blessings, Terri Peck


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