Let problems come to you

Don’t go looking for problems or looking to solve problems, let them come to you.

By this, I do not mean to not care or to “live and let live.”

By all means, be willing to step up and resolve problems and issues that require your attention. But that is the issue, most problems need attention, just not your attention.

What you will find is that in most cases problems mysteriously go away or resolve themselves. And the ones that actually get to you have been vetted and processed and those bringing the problem to you will be more apt to listen to you than if you get involved too early.

The ONE THING for today: Just because there’s a problem doesn’t mean you have to solve it. In most cases, you’ve got better uses of your time.

Warning label: this may give you tongue cancer, for practicing this discipline will require you to bite your tongue many, many times to keep from speaking.

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