No more fear

Don’t make your relationship with God more than it should be.

The goal is not to spend the rest of your life striving to be worthy of His love. There is nothing you can do to change or affect his perfect love. God loves you because of who He is, not because of who you are.

A more worthwhile goal is to learn to not to fear His love.

The ONE THING for today: Truly believe, that your current circumstances is not a reflection of a change in God’s love for you.

The moment you embrace this truth you will be free…

  • Free to do what you do for God because you love him not because you fear his disfavor and judgment.
  • Free to take risks and accept challenges because you know your failures will not change a thing about God’s amazing love for you.
  • Free to confess your sins, faults, and fears, because you know God’s love will never ridicule and demean you but will always forgive, heal, and restore you.
  • Free to have hope because you know that God’s love will somehow always work all things together for your good.

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