The bother-zone

People are supposed to be a bother. 

They’re not a robot or A.I. They’re…well, human.

Anytime you make a commitment to be something to someone then they become a burden. 

The time to cut bait and run is before making a commitment. 

However, once a commitment is made then expect it to get messy.

I’ve met a few people who seemed to think they were perfect, but actually, none of us are. There’s no way around it, people–even the best of us, are a bother.

Consider the “bother-zone” the sweet spot. That’s were fortunes are made, meaning is found, and where great relationships are forged.

The ONE THING for today: The “bother-zone” is your opportunity to shine.

“Christians must bear the burden of one another.  They must suffer and endure one another.  Only as a burden is the other really a brother or sister and not just an object to be controlled.” _Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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