Don’t mention it

Remember, forgiveness is much more than a one-time event—as noble and even heroic as that may be. 

Instead, it is long term commitment that comes with a heavy price and that price is never paid—you keep paying and paying and paying. 

“How do you keep paying?”, you ask. 

You keep paying by choosing to keep the forgiven forgiven.  You don’t put them back in the jail cell in your mind where you punish people. 

Every time the old hurt, resentment, guilt, fear, and remorse come up—you pay the bond one more time to keep the forgiven out of that jail cell in your mind.

Tough?  You betcha. 

Necessary?  Yes, if you hope to stay out of that jail cell too.

Let me give you ONE THING today to help you: Concerning the forgiven’s offense…Don’t mention it—ever. 

If forgiveness has been given, then don’t take it back.  Never bring the matter up again to anyone—self included.  If your mind does bring up (and it will), tell yourself (literally or mentally), “Nope!  We’re not going there!” and slam the jail cell door shut.

And if it someone else brings it up, wave you hand and say, “O, that’s water under the bridge, I never go there anymore, I’ve moved on.” 

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