What does #RunningToWin mean?

What do I mean by Running to Win? 

Minimally it means taking action—getting up and moving, doing something with my life.

But it means more than just taking actions, it means doing something that matters—there is something to win and something to lose. 

Running to win is not lark, a party, or a meaningless blob of days mostly about entertaining myself, earning a few bucks, and planning for my retirement. 

It means that I will make every effort to be a player for the entire race (my life), and if I can’t get on the field, I will at least stand on the sidelines and cheer the ones who are.

The ONE THING for today: Care to join me?

2 thoughts on “What does #RunningToWin mean?

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    August 21, 2019 at 11:51 am
    If you still have all of those sermon tapes of Dr Paul Walker, I will pay the shipping for you to send to me and I will convert to mp3 and ship back to you on CD’s and or DVD’s and you can load on your computer. I would love to offer the world a free mp3 library of Dr. Walker’s sermons, he was our pastor when we lived in the Atlanta area in the 1990’s and he was so influential in turning my life around while I was serving time in the Georgia Penitentiary System in Jackson, GA. Those same tapes were available through the prison chapel where I worked as a chaplain’s clerk.


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