Thesis: The “Five-fold ministry” of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher is a good template to use in preparing your sermons.  There will be times that each gift will be needed in a congregation for them to fulfill Christ’s purpose for them.  A wise pastor will be sensitive to this and either allow the Holy Spirit to use them to manifest that particular gift when it is needed or will wisely bring in someone in whom a particular gift operates strongly to address the need of their congregation at a particular time.

Key propositions:

  1. Most preachers and teachers gravitate toward only a few of the fivefold modes of ministry. 
  2. However, the church needs all of the gifts at certain times. 
  3. Therefore, it is vitally important for a wise pastor to be intentional about allowing the Holy Spirit to use them to give a full orb ministry to the church they serve. 
  4. They can do this by operating in that gift themselves or by bringing in someone who is strongly used in a particular area.
  5. A good rule of thumb for understanding the practical manifestation of the fivefold ministry is as follows:
    • Apostle = a season of breaking new ground; calling a church to do something they’ve never done before (Done mostly by the Senior Pastor.)   
    • Prophet = a call for revival, a return to the call and mission of God upon a church.  (A call for a church to repent and return to God’s reason for them to exist.)   
    • Evangelist = a call to salvation (A sermon designed to reach the unsaved.)
    • Pastor = a message that brings comfort, healing, and inspiration.
    • Teaching = a message that attempts to instruct the church on required skills and knowledge that will be necessary for them to continue to thrive and grow.
  6. See in this light, it is easy to see that there is no “one size fits all” messages.  Different message requires different strategies and preparation.  A wise preacher/teacher is aware of this and prepares accordingly. 
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