I shall not criticize!

I promise you, there are far worse “word bombs” than four letter words.  At the top of the list is criticism. 

Being critical is not a spiritual gift and it sure stinks up the place with negativity and lower morale. 

If you don’t like something, change it.  If you can’t change it, change your attitude about it.  You don’t always get to choose what happens around you, but you can choose how you act. 

Let’s act like our mama raised us as a winner!

The ONE THING for today: If you can’t say something that is truly helpful, don’t say anything.

P.S. Notice I said “helpful”. Everything is not always cheery and positive. For example, if the house is on fire it may not be the most cheery thing you’ve every said, but crying “FIRE!” loud enough to get everyone’s attention would sure be helpful.

Bottom line, being helpful doesn’t require having a critical spirit, it requires caring.

And sometimes the most caring things to do is to keep one’s mouth shut.

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