A Gethsemane prayer:

The ONE THING for today: There comes a time that every Christian must pray a not-my-will-but-Thine-be-done “Gethsemane prayer”. Here’s one that may work for you…

  • Father God, there are things that have happened in my life that I do not understand. 
  • But this one thing I do know…you are good and you love me.
  • Therefore I release all rights to having my questions answered and instead, I will trust you and submit to your will and spend the rest of my life turning my tragedies into triumphs and my hardships into testimonies of your goodness and faithfulness in all things.
  • I will do this ever mindful that in Jesus Christ, you have shared in my sufferings and showed me the way to final victory.  
  • In Jesus’ name and for His glory I pray, Amen.   

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