It’s OK, you can win

Have you ever wonder how exactly Jesus’ death on the Cross defeated Satan? I’m not questioning that it did—the Bible is clear about that, but how, is a mystery worth solving.

Today I’d like to share just one of the ways Jesus’ death on Cross defeated Satan. The Cross is where the fighting actually stopped. It was at Calvary that God turned the other cheek, went the second mile, and started an eternal domino effect of forgiveness that extends to anyone willing to participate.

Think about it. Why does fighting and conflict keep going?

Take the Middle East for example. The people there have been fighting for thousands of years. Why can’t they just stop! Why can’t they just agree—there’s been enough killing, enough destruction, and enough sorrow. Why can’t they agree to disagree and declare a lasting truce.

Why can’t they understand, that the only way to win is to decide not to win.

After all, if the Arabs killed ever Jew in the world or the Jews killed every Arab in the world—would they really win? Would that undo all that has happened? Would that bring to life all those (on their side) who had died?

Sometimes, the only way to “win” is to decide not to win, but that is so hard. And if history is any indication, the odds of it happening in the Middle East are slim to none.

The odds of it happening anywhere are slim to none. Think Ireland, North and South Korean, the Yankee’s vs. the Dodgers… OK, you get the picture 🙂

But here’s where Satan comes in. He loves this. He is the author of conflict. He loves to stir up trouble. He feeds on pain, anger, and death. It makes him happy.

And we poor dupes keep falling for it. Its not just an issue between nations, you can see it on the playground, and in the boardroom; in our homes and our churches. We humans have trouble forgiving, surrendering, losing.

We are much more comfortable with justice and fairness (especially when it comes to us) than we are mercy and grace (unless it is for us).

We solve our problems and arguments by getting in the last word/blow, by winning, being superior and stronger.

The only problem with this is that our adversaries may be defeated and vanquished outwardly, but on the inside they are resisting just as much as ever…and eventually, that resistance will find an opportunity to strike back and the cycle of conflict and death starts all over again.

Satan love it.

But then the God\Man steps in and says, “Enough”. I will take as many blows as you want to give—forever. I will suffer all the indignity and insults you can dish out. Jesus says, “I will not strike back.” He declares the war over.

When we gather around the Cross there is nothing left to fight about. The Cross shuts our mouth—there’s nothing to argue about, complain about, or fuss about in light of the Cross.

Bottom line, Jesus’ death on the Cross silences all critics and opponents…there’s simply nothing to fight about in light of what Jesus did there. Satan can only slink away and hope we’ll not live in the shadow of the Cross.

  • The ONE THING for today: Decide your strategy for winning in light of the Cross.

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