It’s Time to Break the Speed Limit!

No matter how fast the speed limit is, if you are only going the speed limit you are being left behind.

If you hope to impact your culture and truly make a difference you’re going have to be willing to fail–and fail big!

Being afraid to fail means you only attempt safe changes with extremely high odds of success.  This kind of change tend to be only minor improvements of what you’re already doing.  1200px-Speed_limit_80_sign.svg

With the fast pace of change, tweaking what you’re currently doing is going to leave you in the dust.

Eventually, if you hope to differentiate yourself and your church or organization from the pack, and get the attention of the people who need your message, you are going to have to break the speed limit.  You’re going to have to “go big”, you’re going to have to attempt something that you’ve never done before, and you’re going to have to risk falling flat on your face.

And yes, falling flat on your face can hurt.  Taking great risk and attempting great things can (and will) cost you a lot–even you life.  Just ask Jesus.

But there comes a time when the need is so great and the cause is so right that you buckle up and take the plunge.

  • The ONE THING for today: You were not called of God to spend your days tweaking the process, perfecting the plan, and playing it safe.  You were called by God to do great things.  There’s still time if you’re willing to truly change.


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