A cat named Lucy

A year ago today Sonja and I had a little private burial for our cat. Her name was Lucy and she was over 20 years old.

I know there are some people who go way overboard with their animals—I’m not in that camp and I have no illusion that animals are on the same level with humans. But nevertheless, Lucy was very special to us. She had been a part of our children’s lives for most of their lives and a part of our grandchildren’s lives for all of their life. She was truly the “grand old lady of the house” and having a burial for her just seemed right.

Here’s my journal entry recounting Lucy’s burial from a year ago: O the power of a name. Lucy would have been just another animal, one of countless cats who had lived on this planet, but the moment we gave her a name she became ours and she became precious to us. Life is not enough; life must have a name.

That last line really stood out to me today— “Life is not enough; life must have a name.”

And here’s the beauty about names; you have a choice as to the name you will give something or someone. There is beauty and goodness to be discovered even in the darkest days and most difficult person, but it has to be identified, owned, and named—and that is your choice. Choose wisely for the name you use will be the life you live.

  • The ONE THING for today: I lift my coffee mug and offer a toast to the memory of a cat named Lucy.


Lucy, the grand old lady (1997 – 2017)



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