Why Mondays can be so Tough

(Note: This blog was written to people in the ministry but is applicable to anyone responsible for leading others–whether it is at home or work.)
One of the major reasons Mondays are so tough is, not only do we hear from God on Sunday, we also hear from the people.  And there is always someone upset about something and the something usually involves you.
But the truth is, the moment your people feel that they cannot bring their concerns, gripes, and problems to you is the moment you stop being the leader.  By its very nature, being the leader implies that you are the “go-to” person, the one that can get things done; the one that can solve problems.
So, as tough as it is, Monday is the day you must begin working on all the little (sometimes big) problems that were brought to your attention on Sunday.  To fail to do this is to abdicate your position as leader.
And lest you think that ignoring the gripes and complaints of your people will make them go away, let me assure you that there could be nothing further from the truth.  When we ignore people’s complaints and problems (hoping they will go away or take care of themselves by themselves) they will only get louder and thus involve more people, or they will eventually leave thinking that you do not care.  Neither of these results are permissible for a minister who understands the covenant relationship that he is in between Jesus and his Church.
So yes, Mondays can be tough because of all the noise and chatter you have to process, but the faithful, wise and consistent handling of your people’s issues will, over time, consolidate your leadership and allow you to do more than problem-solve but will allow you to actually lead your people to greener pastures because they believe in you and believe you care.
Side note: Even as I was writing this this morning I received a call from a pastor with a problem.  I stopped what I was doing and got the ball rolling on getting his issues addressed.  Something I’ve learned, Mondays are no different in the State Office 🙂

2 thoughts on “Why Mondays can be so Tough

  1. Great wisdom Pastor. Even though we were not happy you left us, seeing things like this lets us know you were meant for more than just a pastor but advisor to a higher calling. Love you and appreciate your impact on my life. Blessings


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