When it no longer matters…

The moment someone loses hope that what they’re doing will make a difference despair gains a foothold and begins to bleed off courage, innovation, and joy.

Whatever you do, give people hope.

Help them connect what they do and, more importantly, who they are with something that matters.

And you can do this with integrity, for no matter how insignificant a person or a deed may seem, when they do what they do for the love of Christ, their most meager of efforts will align itself with the cosmic and eternal plan of God.

Truly, a deed done in love is a deed that last forever…and that should give us all hope.

“Do you love me?”

(John 21:14)

One thought on “When it no longer matters…

  1. Appreciated your blog this morning, Pastor Kemp. We are in CA right now. Love how the Father’s hand guides us. Blessings, Claudia

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