Time Axioms

In managing my time I’ve developed a few axioms that I try to live by.  They help keep me on task and help me be more productive.  Maybe they will help you also.  

They are as follows: 

  1. If it is important today but will not be important tomorrow I must do everything within my power to achieve this goal!  (The opportunity of a lifetime does not last a lifetime.)
  2. If it is an energy and morale drainer – I must deal with it quickly.
  3. If the deadline is today – I must do it first so that it will not be an energy and morale drainer.
  4. If I gave my word I must keep it – little “unintended broken promises” matter to the people I made them too and erode people’s trust in me. (Corollary: I must not make promises that I am not very certain I can keep.)
  5. If my lack of action is hindering others from making progress I must take action as soon as possible.  (I will not keep good people waiting by being a “bottleneck for progress.”)



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