Getting Ready for a Better Year: Close the chapter

Close the chapter, in a few hours this year will be over—forever.

It could have been better; it could have been worse; but it is what it is, close the chapter and, starting tomorrow, begin writing a new chapter in your life.

(And by the way, this goes for all the chapters of your life.)

You’ve beaten yourself up over misguided decisions long enough; you’ve beaten others up over their misguided decisions long enough as well.

The complaining has grown old.

Your excuses have become stale.

Your talk about the good old days is boring people.

Your grief, while understandable, has stopped being a process to help you deal with your loss and has become a crutch that is making you a cripple.

All this has got to stop; close the chapter: stop talking about it, stop dwelling on it and start a new chapter.

In light of the love and providence of God, is there not hope that things can be better, that the new can truly be an improvement and that your life can have a happy ending yet?  Answer: Yes!

The old year(s) are over, there’s a new year with new possibilities, opportunities and blessings awaiting you.

Its about time to close the chapter called 2015.

  • The ONE THING for today: You are a time-traveler but you can only go in one direction—forward.  

Exodus 14:15 (NKJV)

And the Lord said to Moses, “Why do you cry to Me? Tell the children of Israel to go forward.”


4 thoughts on “Getting Ready for a Better Year: Close the chapter

  1. Thank you, Pastor Kemp for another inspirational blog. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Much love, Brad and Claudia

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  2. Great words as always Pastor. We wish you, Sonja and the family a very Happy, Healthy, Blessed New Year. Here’s to going forward….Love Ann& Joe


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