A Thanksgiving Wish from Sonja and me

A Thanksgiving wish from Sonja and me to our all our dearly-loved friends both near and far:

  • Where happiness fails may God’s joy sustain you. 
  • Where trouble knocks at the door may God’s peace support you. 140208 Sonja & I_per Elaine Douglas
  • And where there is an empty place at your table and in your heart, may God’s promise of eternal life supply you with the strength to be thankful.

Also, we pray for traveling mercy for you and yours, and a warm meal, a warm home, and a warm smile to greet you when you get there.

_david l. kemp


7 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Wish from Sonja and me

  1. Thank you, Pastor Kemp and Sonja!! I love the words you used. Brad and I trust that this will be an exceedingly special day for you and family. Much love, Claudia

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  2. Thank you Pastor and Sonja. I pray you had a wonderful day. We have so much to be thankful for!  Love you both and miss you. Lee

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