Consider the source

You’re not going to make everyone happy today; you might as well get over that right now.

Whether you live or die someone is not going to like it; whether you eat a hotdog or Filet Mignon, someone is not going to like it.  If you say yea or nay, a critic will arise to contest your decision.

That’s just life—you’ve got to deal with it without it sucking the joy right out of your day.

So what to do?

I like psychologist Henry Cloud’s suggestion when it comes to dealing with critics.  He states, “The key is not to count your critics, but instead to weigh them.”

That is very similar to the way I handle it: “I consider the source.”

For the last 30+ years of my life there has seldom been a day that someone didn’t come to me stating, “Somebody said…” or “I’ve heard someone’s upset…” or some such statement.  Always before I make a decision on what I should do with this information I ask, “Who is it?”

If I don’t get an answer I do nothing, after all, there’s always someone upset with me (and with you too, by the way).

If I do get an answer I still may not do anything, for I consider the source.

There are some people whom I respect so much that if they raise a concern I immediately slam on the breaks.

Two of my most favorite critics.
Two of my most favorite critics.

There are others whom I love and care for so much who are so fragile that if I sense they are wounded by an action I have taken I make every effort possible to help them at least understand why I did what I did and hopefully help them to deal with it in a positive way.

But then there are some people that no matter what I do, they will find something to criticize.  I just ignore people like that.

However, I refuse to make them my enemy; instead, I love them, care for them, pray for them, help them if I can, but whatever I do, I don’t let them dictate how I live my life.  And neither should you when it comes to your critics.

  • The ONE THING for today: Critics are like wrinkles, eventually everyone gets them.  You can worry about them or you can ignore them and get on with your life.  For the people who truly love you, a few wrinkles and a few critics won’t change a thing.

Luke 6:26 (ICB\International Children’s Bible)

How terrible when all people say only good things about you. Their fathers always said good things about the false prophets.

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