Was up?

John 1:1 (NKJV) In the beginning was

“In the beginning was…”

This is a stunning statement.

Think about it, there was a time that our reality did not exist. As far as our universe, there was nothing, and I mean nothing.

No atoms, molecules, and elements; no light, no darkness, no stars, planets, moons, and comets. No skies, oceans and land; no plants, animals or people…even no moms, apple pies, and Chevrolets. There was nothing.

But the “in the beginning” (when it all came into being) there was already a “was”. Before our universe there was already something in existence and more importantly, there was Someone in existence.

Long before the first shopkeeper set up shop here on this planet, the forges and factories of Heaven were humming along merrily.

Long before Adam opened his eyes and looked up into the face of God (Can you imagine that!), long before Adam looked up through the dew-dipped leaves of Eden into the stunning blue sky; long before Adam felt the tickle of grass on his feet and heard the buzz of a honey bee as it fed on the nectar of the first rose, Heaven was teeming with life and activity.

There is a lesson here for today…

Every day is a new beginning. But it is possible to get so consumed in today that you forget the bigger picture.

The demands and rewards of whatever it is you will be doing today may be very consuming; but don’t forget that there is a reality besides whatever it is that is consuming you right now.

You are more than an employee number or a social security number. You are more than whatever it is you will do today and whatever it is you will be called today. Before today, with all its activities, titles and responsibilities—you was.

And like our universe which will one day wind down and fade away, most of the roles and responsibilities that are dominating your mind with the beginning of this new day will also fade away.

  • The ONE THING for today: Today matters, but you must not forget that there is more to you and life than what you will be doing today. Give today your best, but don’t forget, you are more and will be more than this.

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