Is it character or compensation for you?

Zechariah 8:16 (NKJV)  These are the things you shall do: Speak each man the truth to his neighbor; give judgment in your gates for truth, justice, and peace.

You know, if an elderly couple were being interviewed on one of the many talk shows that dot the landscape of television land and said, “We’ve been married for sixty years, and we’re still happy,” I feel certain the audience would applaud.

But I am also certain that if they went on to say, “We believe every married couple should remain married for a lifetime,” they’d get booed off the set.

Our society does not have a stomach for truth; neither does much of the church.

How about you?  What is your motivation for speaking and living the truth?  Character or compensation?

Are you going to do what is right because it is right and you have the character to bear up no matter the cost, or are you one of those milquetoast Christians that only do right when it pays well?

Oh there are many Christians that sing loud in church but will hardly raise a whimper for truth and righteousness where it counts—among the lost in this sinful world.

Find your backbone dear friend; be as nice about it as you can, but have the strength of character to live the truth and to tell people the truth.  Do right whether the pay is good or not; do right because you’re righteous…and how can you be righteous?  By allowing Jesus to be Lord of your life.

  • The ONE THING for today: The truth will set people free if there’s someone with enough of the Truth (Jesus Christ) living within them that they will lovingly and faithfully live and speak the truth to people // you be that righteous person // honoring Jesus Christ should be pay enough.

“A man can’t be always defending the truth; there must be a time to feed on it.”

_C.S. Lewis, Reflections on the Psalms

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