All systems go.

Systems are required for anything to happen effectively and repeatedly.

Take breathing.  It comes so natural, you do not have to think about it—you just breathe.  However, when your Creator made you he included a “system” to ensure that you were able to breathe effectively and repeatedly.

The same is true in all areas of life.  Until you develop a system (and maintain that system) you will not consistently and effectively manage your life.

Whether it is managing your time, your prayer life, your weight, your emotions, remembering important birthdays…whatever, you have a choice…

…you can be a victim, run on emotions, or like a jellyfish—just go with the flow or…

You can develop systems for keeping yourself on track and holding yourself accountable.

  • The ONE THING for today: For everything that matters to you, develop a system to ensure that your expectations are met…oh, and by the way, make sure you work your system.

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