When the pain begins

It is hard to change when things are going good or when we are comfortable.

That’s why, whether its weight loss, learning new job skills to make our self employable again, or finally getting around to focusing on our marriage (or other key life-long relationships), most people do not make significant changes until the pain is severe enough.

The only problem with this is that by the time the pain is severe enough that we are willing to change it is often too late—the damage is done and so serious that no matter what we do we will have to settle for a reduced standard of life than we could have had if we’d changed earlier.

  • The ONE THING for today: Whether it is looking in the mirror, at your annual reveal, or the state of your marriage (or anything else that matters to you), don’t ask the question—do I feel OK; am I comfortable?  Ask the question, what is the reality of the situation? 

When you focus on the real reality of things you can get a head start on changing things that will ensure a better outcome later and that will make you far more comfortable and fulfilled in the long run.

2 thoughts on “When the pain begins

  1. Awesome on-time word for me! Thank you for sheparding us! As I begin this new bible study – Made to Crave, God is opening my eyes to so much! Please pray for us as we work together to learn what God says about temptation and food. Just as satan tempted Jesus with bread while fasting, satan tempts us everyday with food (among many other things). We must see this struggle for what it really is – an attack from the enemy but we must be reminded where our help comes from – The Maker of heaven of earth! Please join me in prayer that we will change the way we think about food! It is a real struggle just like alcoholism, pornography or any other addiction, only we HAVE to be around food everyday. My prayer is not for us to lose weight but to draw closer to Him in the process by learning He should be our deepest desire and by practicing a very important fruit of the spirit – self-control! I don’t want us to wait until it is too late! I’m excited to see what God is going to do in our lives through this study. Thank you again!


  2. Hey Samantha, thanks for your comments. I will indeed be praying for you. You are dealing with an issue that virtually all of us struggle with. I truly believe that food has become an idol in our nation. It is something Satan uses to distract us and enslave us with. For some it is an unhealthy lack of discipline in their eating habits. For others, it is an unhealthy discipline of our eating habits. Satan doesn’t care whether we over eat or eat healthily; he doesn’t care if we budget wisely or waste our money on extravagant meals; either is fine with him as long as we are focused on food and not God; as long as we make our lives about our stomach and not our (spiritually speaking) heart.


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