The ONE THING for today

Throw out the litter box–you’re not a cat.

You only have a limited capacity for carrying around negative and draining issues.

What I mean by negative and draining issues are those long-term irritates that just sit there in your mind and “stink up the place.”  They are those things that you go to bed fretting over and get up in the morning and immediately pick them up again.

They drain you, distract you, and make your life miserable.

It may be something about you that you don’t like.

It may be something about someone else that irritates and frustrates you.

It may be a lack of something, a past failure or embarrassment; the list is endless.

But rest assured, if you allow your mind to be like a litter box with a lot of unresolved issues lying around you are going to live a stinky and unfulfilling life.

Here are a few ways to deal with perennial negative and draining issues:

  1. Measure them against the calendar—will it matter 100 years from now?  If not, then it probably is not that big a deal now.  “FIDO”—forget it & drive on.  Surely there is something good happening around you today—focus on that.
  2. Is there anything you can honestly do about it?  If there is—do it and quit complaining!  (Don’t play the victim card).  If there is not anything you can do about it determine to live with it instead of letting it ruin your life.  While you’re “living with it” focus on what/who you’re “living for.”
  3. Finally, measure every hurt, betrayal, and heartache against Calvary.  If what people are doing to you is not worse than what people did to Jesus then do what Jesus did—forgive them and focus on where you’re going (not what you’re going through).
  •  The ONE THING for today: Throw the litter box out—you’re not a cat.

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