The ONE THING for today

Me seed

Remember, God didn’t give us something, he gave us himself.

Maybe that is why Jimmy Carter had more respect, honor, and influence after he was president than while he was president. While he was president he gave us laws, speeches, and executive orders. After he left the oval office he gave us himself.

There is a world of difference between a man hidden behind a wall of secret service men and a man in overhauls working with you as you build a house together for Habitat for Humanity.

None of us are God—we can’t give ourselves to everyone; but all of us have someone who we could sow into. And remember, it’s not the stuff that matters, it’s not the rules and regulations that will have the greatest impact; it is ourselves that will bring the biggest harvest.

Husbands, it is not enough to bring your paycheck home and give it to your wife; you’ve got to give yourself to her if you hope to reap a great marriage.

Dads, it’s not enough to take you son to his little league game, there has to be times when you get your own glove out and play catch with him.

It’s not enough to pay for your daughter’s dance lessons, there must also be those moments when you hold her close and dance with her.

Even in church, if you hope to reap a harvest that meets the deepest needs of your soul, it’s not enough to send your tithe and offerings, or send up your prayers and praise. There must also be those moments when you get up and go to the house of God and be there—giving of yourself.

Bottom line, the most distinctive and effective seed you have to sow is you. Others may have more stuff, more talents, more charm, more…whatever; but they are not you. Nobody can be you—only you. And to world you may only be one very insignificant person, but to one person you could mean the world and it is there you will reap a harvest worth living for and worth giving for.

The ONE THING for today: Sow your life into others and reap a wonderful harvest.



2 thoughts on “Me seed

  1. Good morning, Pastor Kemp. Thank you for your blog today. Brad and I trust that we are being obedient by giving ourselves to friends, family and strangers we see on these trips, as well as to each other as we carve out time together. It is always comforting to hear from you as we travel. Love and blessings, Claudia 🗻🌅🌇🎠🎡🚢💒 Sent from my iPad


  2. Hello Claudia, it is so good to hear from you; I was just thinking this morning how I’ve missed seeing you and Brad over the last few days. I pray you are having a fun and productive time. Godspeed on your travels!

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