The ONE THING for today

Problems and Progress

Remember, problem solving is not progress.

Problem solving can become addictive because it provides immediate gratification (when you solve a problem you can see results). But in reality problem solving is about repairing what already is.

Progress occurs when something new is created; when new territory is taken; when advancement is made.

Problem solving is important; it is like the maintenance department in a factory. The job of the maintenance crew is to keep the equipment working; but the maintenance department produces nothing.

Progress only comes through making investments—and most often the greatest progress occurs, not when you invest in property or projects, but when you invest in people.

Often you will hear about a company that is “pouring money” into a project or product. It never occurs to them that their greatest return would come from investing in their people. It is people who change things for the better—not money or machines.

  • The ONE THING for today: Invest in a better future by pouring yourself into people, not problems.


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