The ONE THING for today

The Wonder Drug Does Not Exist

As a pastor, I minister to sick people virtually every day of my life. One thing I have learned is that there is not one medicine that will cure every disease—that wonder drug does not exist.

There is no one cure for every sickness; there is no one way for treating all people that works; and there is no one gift that will make everyone happy.

People can’t be lumped into one category. People are individuals; everyone is different.

The temptation is to get lazy. We know we are to be nice to everyone but being nice to everyone in the same just does not work.

Assembly lines may work great for building gadgets, but they are a terrible way of building relationships.

I encourage you to take the time to really notice individuals today. Really listen; really think about your response; really look them in the eye.

And as far as Christmas…

The ONE THING for the special people in your life: In this age of giving gift cards and cash, make sure there’s at least one gift that says, “I truly know and value you.”


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