The ONE THING for today

Should I buy that for you?

If you really want to see what people can do you’ve got to stop giving them things.

We see this all the time with children today. They can’t have fun without a 500.00 I-something or other, plenty of spending money, cable, internet, Wi-Fi, and the list could go on.

However, take it away from them and after they are exhausted from the weeping and gnashing of teeth, observe…they’ll get creative…trust me on this. “Fun” is in them…they’ll manage to get it out; you did and mostly without all the cool expensive things that people “need” today.untitled

If you know me you know I’m no Scrooge; if anything I’m the world’s worst at doting on my grandkids, there’s very little that I won’t give them if I can…but I must careful; too much “stuff” can be like gloves that insulate them from the real world.

It’s like playing in the snow; you have to wrap up just enough—too much and you can’t feel the snow, too little and you’re get sick.

There’s a Christmas shopping lesson in this somewhere.

Figuring that out is the ONE THING for today.

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