The ONE THING for today

Shut the door

Sonja and I are “cat people” \\ I know, I lost some of you right there. Hey, I understand; cats can really be a pain. So, I feel your pain, but hang with me for a moment—I believe there’s a lesson to be learned for cat-lovers and for those who don’t like cats.

I believe that all cat-lovers will agree on this: You don’t own cats, they own you. Oh they’re nice about it most of the time, but let a cat inside your house (and heart) and pretty soon they’ll be running the place.

Let me give you an example…

A couple of years ago I was abruptly awakened by a sharp poke in the ribs. Turns out through the night I had unconsciously been pushing Sonja-inch by inch toward the edge of the bed. When she woke me we were both huddled on the edge of the bed and she was about to fall off.

How could this happen?

Easy—include two cats into the mix.

Our two cats were laying on the bed with us and they keep hogging the bed, taking over as cats do.  Little by little they had just about run us out of our own bed!

There’s a limit to what even cat lovers will take. That night Sonja and I made a change…that was the night we put the cats out and started shutting the bedroom door at night.

Here’s the point–the ONE THING: It is not just the “little sins” and temptations that have a way of taking over if we ignore them; it can also be good things, fun things, even things we love.

So what should we do? Find the “door” and shut it. The door in this case is boundaries—saying no and setting limits.

The Christmas season is a season of indulging in those things we like. But remember, even good things, fun things,—even things we love can end up complicating and hurting our lives.

“Doors” are made to be used. That doesn’t mean they have to be shut all the time, but there are times that we kindly show the door to those good, fun and loveable things (and people) and take care of ourselves.

  • Genesis 7:16 (NLT) Then the Lord closed the door behind them.

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