The ONE THING for today

Just keep showing up

A few years ago while attending my nephew’s high school graduation I was reminded of a very important principle when one of the graduates was honored with a special award.

The award was the “Perfect Attendance” award.

For twelve long years, without fail, the young man who received the award simply showed up. Through the heat and hurts and the rain and pain he got up another day and made his way to school.

They said nothing about his grades, achievements, and popularity. Just showing up was enough.

As I was sitting there that day I was reminded of how rare just showing up faithfully is. It is so rare that a special award was given and only one student out of a large graduation class received it.

I know, there are other important elements for succeeding in life than just showing up. But none of them matter if you don’t show up.

Dear friend, show up. Press on. Be faithful. Awards aren’t given for good intentions; but eventually for the person that will not quit but insists on following things through to the end—good things happen.

  • Mark 13:13 (NKJV) …he who endures to the end shall be saved.


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