The ONE THING for today

Give it time…you’ll understand

  • Genesis 11:28 (NKJV) And Haran died before his father Terah in his native land…

I’ve read today’s bible verse dozens of times over the years, but this morning it spoke to me in an entirely different way—I’ve witnessed what happened to Haran and Terah first hand.

The occasion was the death of my own sister and the subsequent grief and sorrow my parent’s experienced and still experience to this day.

Bottom line, there’s something especially sad about parents having to bury their children.

If you’d told me that years ago I would certainly have agreed, but it would have been more of an intellectual agreement but with little understanding of the true issue. But that all changed on the day my sister died.

Youth is a wonderful time—full of vigor, optimism and hope, and it should not be despised and looked down upon (1 Timothy 4:12). However, with that vigor, optimism and hope can come arrogance; arrogance birthed from lack of experience.

We are all “young” in certain areas. It’s easy to look at others with a certain sense of superiority and ask, “Why don’t they just stop that?” (Or start that, or fix that, or whatever…)

Here’s the ONE THING for today: Give it time. Time has a way of equalizing all of us. One day you or someone you love will probably go through a similar thing that that person you are observing is going through and then the light will turn on for you. In the meantime, a little humility and patience is the doctor’s prescription.

And by the way, to the many parents since the day of Terah who have had the sad, sad task of burying one or more of your children—I offer my deepest condolence and prayers this morning.  And while I don’t completely understand and hope I never do–my condolences and prayers are very heartfelt.


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