The ONE THING for today

The next link

Genesis 11:14 (NKJV) Salah lived thirty years, and begot Eber.

Could it be that one of the most important things we do in life is be the next link in the redemptive chain?

I thought about that this morning as I was reading through the genealogical table in Genesis 11.  For example, the only thing we know about Salah is that he fathered Eber (and other sons and daughters).

However, the fact that Salah fathered Eber is important.  Bible scholars tell me that Eber is where we get our word Hebrew and just a few generations after Salah came Abraham and you can pick the story up from there.

Salah could have been the wealthiest man on earth.  He may have been the most popular, powerful, and important person alive in his day.  We don’t know; the Bible didn’t think it was important enough to mention.  But God did keep up with the redemptive chain that runs through the Bible all the way to the birth of Jesus.

The ONE THING for today: The world will little note or care your departure from this world some day, but if you are the connecting link in the redemptive plan for someone(s) then in Heaven you will be remembered and honored forever.

Remember that as you’re running through this busy day.


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