The ONE THING for today

Compared to everyone else…

  • Genesis 11:30 (NKJV) But Sarai was barren; she had no child.

Just as there was a lot of emotion packed into yesterday’s bible verse, so there is in today’s.

I can’t begin to imagine the deep emotions of the maternal instinct of a woman. But I have observed that it is deep, passionate, and lifelong and to be barren is a burden that is almost unbearable by most.

Barrenness may not be your specific issue today, but every day of your life you have to live with the reality that, compared to someone else, you lack.

There is always someone ahead of you. Whether the measurement is wealth, position, power, looks, or parenthood—count on it, when you make it to the top of the mountain all you will find is a better view of a higher mountain…and on top of that mountain will be someone looking down on you.

But here’s the deal, the goal in life is not to compare yourself with others. Other people are not the measuring rod; God is.

For example, through Sarai was barren, in her future God had plans…plans for her to give birth; birth to a promised child; birth to a child that would be the eventual ancestor to the coming Messiah.

The ONE THING for today is: resist the urge to compare yourself against other people. Do your best, enjoy what you’ve got, do what you can and leave the rest to God.

Never doubt it, God’s got a plan for your life and when it’s all be accomplished there will be no one else’s story like it.


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